Sedang Cari Investor? Begini cara Startup Sempurnakan Laporan Keuangan

Perusahaan perintis (startup) saat ini sedang giat mencari investor. Tujuannya untuk menjalankan bisnisnya terutama di sektor ekonomi digital. Untuk itu semua perusahaan startup diimbau harus membuat laporan keuangan yang baik….

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Inilah Perkembangan Startup di Indonesia Pada Tahun 2018 Menurut Para Investor

Ikhtisar Dari tiga startup di Indonesia yang meraih predikat unicorn, GO-JEK, Tokopedia, dan Traveloka (GTT), para VC memprediksi di tahun 2018 tidak akan ada startup unicorn dari tanah air. Kekurangan developer berkualitas masih menjadi salah…


Top questions to raising funding for startups

Startups that already set previous records, like Go-Jek and Tokopedia, continued to raise impressive boosts in capital, as the funding gap between top players and the mid-field is widening. In…

The Practice Dental Clinic branding.

A Lightweight Branding Exercise for Startups

A bottom-up, alignment-oriented approach. While a logo might be the most recognizable manifestation of a brand, it’s only one of many. Brands cut across media, and present themselves in colors,…


How Startup Costs Can Be Your Friends As Your Business

Starting a new business can be very exciting — and expensive. Yet, that initial financial investment should not scare you away from pursuing your dream. It is a common cost shared…

How to Develop a Winning Pitch

How to Develop a Winning Pitch

There are so many ideas out there in the market. The reason why some survive over the others is a plain and simple case of investor money or funding. While most…

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling for Startup, Final Part: The Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Unit Economics

In the first three articles in this series, we looked at the big-picture motivation for startup financial modeling, why it’s important to start with your assumptions, and how to practically build your…

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling for Startup, Part 3: The Income Statement and Custom Detail Tabs

In the previous two posts in this Financial Modeling for Startup series, we examined why building a financial model for your startup is important and how to practically get started with…

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling for Startups, Part 2: Assumptions

In the previous post of Financial Modeling for Startups, its described what financial modeling is and why it is important for startup founders to build their own models from scratch. Now, we’ll…

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling for Startups

We are calling all startup founders! A startup financial model is important in raising funding, building startup financial projections or planning the future of your business. To have a startup…