Having a good business can bring a lot of profits. Not only for the owner, but also for other people who need jobs, thus reducing the number of unemployment. In Indonesia, there are plenty opportunities for business-starters.

Here are some tips for both Indonesians who want to begin their venture in their very own hometown.


For Indonesians

  1. Attend entrepreneurship seminars

Nowadays, entrepreneurship seminar is very popular. Attend as many seminars as you can since they usually have guests or speakers who are experienced in this field. Also, attempt to ask questions regarding your business of interest so you can be more prepared and become a better businessman/woman.

  1. Sell unique products

Seek a unique and well-differentiated product that you can offer to potential costumers. For example, go to various regions in Indonesia and explore their traditional goods and food. From these places, you can either resell directly from the merchants or be inspired to invent your own creations. If you are not able to produce unique creations, opt to instead provide non-seasonal products. Note that for any kind of products, ensure that their quality is properly maintained in order to avoid disappointment.

  1. Online businesses

If you don’t have enough resource to start a big business or build a brick-and-mortar store, you may consider to start an online business, which is currently booming in Indonesia.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is because it is relatively simpler to start, albeit not necessarily easier. An e-commerce business usually requires a dedicated platform for you to sell your products, whether from a paid or free website. The free website is still a reasonable option for beginner. However, if you choose to utilize a paid platform, which usually comes with a subscription model, you must always remember to renew the subscription so that the website can always be available for you and most importantly, your customers.

All in all, as an online business entrepreneur, you should also be diligent to promote your business thorough various online channels including social media platform.



Source: Global Indonesian Voices