Ramadan can be seen as a bit of a reset, almost a way to become a better person for the rest of our year. We spend more time with family and our communities, and try our best to not speak poorly of others or lie, and we increase our charitable efforts, just like our President Jokowi, whose right now hosting bicycle giveaway. Have you join them?

Jokowi hosts bicycle giveaway on Facebook

The President’s giveaway is open to all Jokowi’s Facebook page fans. (President Joko Widodo’s YouTube)

After becoming the latest vlogger (video blogger) in town, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has gone one step further in the digital world by hosting a giveaway on Facebook.

The giveaway, which is slated to run until June 16, requires participants to upload a two-minute video on YouTube, sharing their unique family traditions during Ramadhan or Idul Fitri.

“Do you want to get a bicycle from me? Share your unique family tradition during Ramadhan or Idul Fitri,” says Jokowi on his official Facebook page.

The participants are also required to mention their names and location in the video and add the hashtag #TradisiRamadhan on the YouTube site.

After uploading the video, the YouTube link has to be shared on the Facebook post about the contest complete with the hashtag.

The giveaway is open to all Jokowi’s Facebook page fans. There are 10 bicycle for the 10 most creative videos.

Source: President Jokowi’s Facebook Fanpage and JakPost