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FMB Partner is a professional, passionate and courageous group of young consultants who believe that we can grow together if we support each others. We value our team as much as our clients because we believe that trust and respect are two key ingredients in growing a business.

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We are being trusted by clients from cross industries with different complexities and type of business natures. For us, new client means new challenge and new knowledge. Opportunity to learn new things is very wide open and chance to accelerate to next level is on every corner. Because at FMB Partner, growth is mandatory.

Our CEO is still at his 30s. Our Senior Tax Consultant is born in the 90s. We believe young doesn’t mean clueless. Yet we think that young means courageous, confident and desires. Experience can be sought while attitude is priceless. That is why we like to recruit young and professional talents to build an environment that matches with the challenge ahead.

As consultant, we often to work hand in hand with CEOs, do presentation to directors, or having discussion with owners of businesses. They listen to our opinions and they follow our recommendations. That kind of exposure gives us a priceless benefit that can enrich our experience in the future.

Our office is an open space that encourage our team to have discussion and work as one group. It’s located at the heart of Jakarta, near to TransJakarta bus stop, train station, and can be accessed from Sudirman, Thamrin and Kuningan. We can treasure the view of Jakarta directly through our window. That’s what we called ‘cool office’.

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