With Ramadan fast approaching, shoppers may start to look for new clothes, accessories or other necessities to use during Idul Fitri. If conventional shopping feels like a hassle, online shopping could prove to be a less burdensome alternative.

However, although online shopping may sound more simple and convenient, there are several things that you should note in order to secure better deals, as compiled by tempo.co.


Make a shopping list

Make separate lists for the things you need and the things you want. This will help you to estimate the amount of money to spend, as well as to help you shop within your budget.

Check for promotions

Online retailers may offer various promotions to its customers, such as 0 percent interest installment plans or rewards for purchases of certain products. Always check for promotions before making a purchase. To avoid scamming or phishing, browse on the official website of an e-commerce retailer.

Online stores tend to offer special promotions during certain days or events. Keep an eye out on these dates and plan your purchases around them.

Know the quality

Before buying any products, do a little research about the seller or the e-commerce platform. Do not be easily tempted by cheap prices.

Be active on social media

E-commerce businesses tend to make announcements through social media platforms, such as Facebook, LINE and Instagram, so staying active on social media is always a good idea.


Source: Jakpost