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6 Tips For Creating Promotional Business Banners That Work

We’ve all seen great banners, and we’ve all seen really bad ones. A great banner can be an extremely effective promotional tool, while a bad banner can leave an unpleasant…

Remember the British Airways’ passengers who were stranded and separated from their luggage by a computer meltdown earlier this year? No amount of compensation would have made those passengers overlook their ordeal

How to deal with customers’ gripes

Apologising and applying a human touch are just two ways to stop unhappy punters taking to Twitter. It is high season for customer complaints, when tourists take to social media…


Digital Businesses: The Metrics That Really Matter

User-centric firms should identify and track the core actions that can make or break their businesses. Traditionally, executives have used standard metrics, such as cash flow, inventory turns and operating…

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Measuring The Return on Facebook Likes

Marketers often find it hard to prove the ROI of social media investments. Here’s an easy way to quantify the value of recruiting people to like your Facebook page. You…


4 Cara Membangun Kepercayaan dengan Konten Autentik

Saat membicarakan branding, sekarang ini kita banyak mendengar dengungan kata kunci “Asli”, “Autentik” atau “Authentic“. Tetapi, apa sebenarnya maksud kata tersebut? Bagaimana brand Anda dapat menjadi autentik, terutama pada content marketing-nya? Arti autentik yang…

Commodifying Personal Brand

Commodifying Your Knowledge For Scalable Personal Branding Impact

What kind of edge does specialist-level know-how give you in the workplace today? In the age of nearly instant and virtually limitless content discovery, it’s gotten more complicated. Today we’re…

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A checklist for brands to do during Ramadan

Ramadan is a significant month for brands to communicate to their target audience, in a way which would not be hard selling but where they give back to the community….


7 Top Tips for Social Influencers in Ramadan

Influencer marketing is a relatively simple but incredibly effective form of marketing that focuses upon specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. But who is an…

The Practice Dental Clinic branding.

A Lightweight Branding Exercise for Startups

A bottom-up, alignment-oriented approach. While a logo might be the most recognizable manifestation of a brand, it’s only one of many. Brands cut across media, and present themselves in colors,…

Protect and Brand Your Business

Artcounting: Branding Yourself

Branding is very important. Everyone and every business has a brand. Including our accountants and consultants. In attention to branding creates a brand that might not be what you would like,…