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Eid al-Adha 1438H

FMB Consultant and team would like to extend our best wishes to everyone who are celebrating Eid al-Adha 1438 H and to congratulate those performing the Hajj this year.
Remember the British Airways’ passengers who were stranded and separated from their luggage by a computer meltdown earlier this year? No amount of compensation would have made those passengers overlook their ordeal

How to deal with customers’ gripes

Apologising and applying a human touch are just two ways to stop unhappy punters taking to Twitter. It is high season for customer complaints, when tourists take to social media…

Bilingual Person

3 Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual Candidate

Having bilingual employees in the workforce can only bring benefits to the company. Studies have shown that bilingual people are good at multitasking and have excellent communication skills. Any company…


Digital Businesses: The Metrics That Really Matter

User-centric firms should identify and track the core actions that can make or break their businesses. Traditionally, executives have used standard metrics, such as cash flow, inventory turns and operating…

Dirgahayu Ke-72 RI

Happy Independence Day


What CPAs Need to Know on Blockchain

By strict definition, blockchain is a global digital ledger of economic transactions that is transparent, continually updated by countless users, and considered by many as almost impossible to corrupt or…

Project Management

8 Project Management Tips for Setting and Managing Expectations

Project managers and IT executives share their top strategies for creating realistic schedules and keeping projects on track. One of the most difficult aspects of project management is setting and…

Niluh Djelantik with local shoes artists.

Don’t Forget to Do Business with Small Business

It’s common to focus most of our attention on trying to do business with government. In the process, though, it’s easy to forget about the direct impact we can have…

Facebook banner

Facebook to Open Limited Liability Company in Indonesia

Leading American online social media and social networking service Facebook will open a permanent business entity (a foreign limited liability company, in Indonesian: Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing, or PT…

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The Financial Planning Pyramid

 The basic rule of the pyramid is to start from the bottom and move up, rather than attempting to address all aspects of it at once It’s often said that…