Niluh Djelantik with local shoes artists.

Don’t Forget to Do Business with Small Business

It’s common to focus most of our attention on trying to do business with government. In the process, though, it’s easy to forget about the direct impact we can have…

Tax Illustration

5 Expert Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

There are many things happening in first quarter of 2017, promotions, resolutions, and other new beginnings. Not to forget the tax season that has officially begun, and like your grandmother,…

Laptop on coffee table --- Image by © Kate Kunz/Corbis

5 Pillars of Online Business

The business world is slowly shifting online. Entrepreneurs have begun to realise the profitability of building a brand on the internet, primarily for its three key-factors: limitless reach, growing pace,…


Starting a Small Business in Indonesia : For Foreigners

In the previous post, we have tell the tips for starting a small business in Indonesia for the locals. Now we are on to the last part of this series, tips…


Peranan Pemerintah untuk Mengembangkan UMKM di Indonesia

Di salah satu tulisan saya sebelumnya, saya menyatakan bahwa untuk menjadi negara maju, pemerintah kita perlu memberi dukungan dan menstimulasi tumbuhnya wirausaha atau pemilik UMKM (Usaha Mikro, Kecil dan Menengah)….